22 maj 2021

Plant beautiful flowers in your own garden - Flourish review

Flourish is a card game in which we create a beautiful garden with cards, which are drawn and received during the game. You will play the game with 1-7 people aged 8+, and the game lasts about 20-30 minutes. In the game you will pass cards to each other, choose new ones from the pile, and then put them on the table, so that you can score for the conditions specified on these cards. The player with the most points wins.

Being a gardener is not an easy task. Just as it will be difficult to prepare all the elements needed for the game! In a medium-sized box, in addition to a large deck of cards, you will find 7 scoring boards, 7 garden walls (in 3D!), a lot of tokens, and 3 instructions (multilanguage). So what is there to prepare? Well, the game Flourish also contains two small expansions, and for preparing one of them, we must squeeze a lot of elements from the moldings, and put together small buildings. It will be easy for people with handy fingers, but as some parts are very small, this may be a bit problematic for some people. Fortunately, these buildings only need to be put together once. After you finish the game, you can put them in their separate place in the box. Flourish is very neat game - it has beautiful illustrations, that are eye-catching, and the rest of the pieces are durable and solid.

Let's create our dream garden! First, shuffle the deck of cards and deal 6 of them to everyone. Take a scoreboard as well, and put a cardboard wall between the players. You are ready! The game is played over 4 rounds, and in each round you need to put 3 cards on the table during your turns. Interestingly, player turns are performed simultaneously - you take the steps described further in the same time. On your turn, you choose 1 card to play in your garden, and two to pass to your neighbors. Put these three cards face down on the table. To the garden –on the table in front of you, to the neighbors - behind a cardboard wall, just to clearly distinguish which card you are handing over. Then you reveal the cards in front of you, and draw the new ones your neighbors gave you. You also pick one from the general pile, so you have 6 cards in your hand again. Continue to play this way, until 3 cards are laid out in front of you. Then the so-called scoring after the round must be performed, and additionally, once the fourth round is finished, the final scoring takes place. It is worth to mention, that each card has the appropriate symbols and scoring conditions that must be met. Moreover, the scoring conditions for cards played in subsequent rounds, also work with the cards played in earlier rounds. Therefore, it is worth adding cards with the same symbols, to create mini-combos. The person with the most points is the winner.

Flourish is a great card game that you can play both against each other and in co-op! Another argument stating, that this is the game for everyone! If you don't like racing for points - try to get the highest score together! A very interesting mechanic in the game is drafting cards into your hand. You get one from the common pool in the middle of the table, but you get two cards from the neighbors. You also give your cards to your opponents. Sometimes it is worth to reconsider giving away a given card, because each card may be worth a lot to us sooner or later. What adds spice to this mechanic is the fact, that we have no idea, whether we will help our opponent or not - it may turn out, that our card works perfectly with another one, that he/she already has in his/her hand.

Flourish is a card game with card drafting and a set collection mechanics, in which we build our beautiful garden. The gameplay is quite short, but what is more important – the game is very good. Due to the short game time, you will want to play a few games in a row. We recommend the game for people who like card games, in which you have to take certain risks, collect appropriate cards, and look for a solution, that will give you a lot of points after playing specific card. We strongly recommend playing with more people. Check it on your own!

 Name: Flourish
Publisher: Starling Games
Publication Year: 2021

Thank you Starling Games for sending this game for review!


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